ALMEER EPC project of "First Portable Water Pipeline Network for West Kuwait(WK) Facilities" with KOC has been completed and commissioned successfully(Contract Value -KWD 2,481,000 /-.)

ALMEER EPC project of "Upgrading of Distributed Control Systems & Associated Works in GC-17, 27 & 28" with KOC has been completed and commissioned successfully(Contract Value -KWD 3,644,013 /-.)

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ALMEER Technical Services Company Engineering & Projects Division (ALMEER EPC DIVISION) is currently working on four major projects within Kuwait. Two of these running projects are with the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) where ALMEER EPC is the main contractor and another is with Multinational EPC companies working for the Kuwait Oil Company. ALMEER EPC is also working for the MINA AL AHMADI refinery of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) through the main contractor HANWHA.
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The details of the running projects are:
KOC Contracts

1. Upgrade of Chemical Injection and Monitoring Capability at Gathering Centers of West Kuwait Oil Fields.
2. First Potable Water Pipeline Network for West Kuwait facilities
3. RTU,SCADA & Surface Instrumentation for Sabriyah KwIDF Project, North Kuwait.(18 Wells Project)

KNPC Contracts

1. Upgradation of Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression System at MAA Refinery